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Revised 1967 


Published by 



Revised 1967 


Academic Regulations 8 

Care of Laundry 18-19 

Care of Rooms 16-17 

Closing Hours 9-10 

Discipline 9 

Dormitory Government 3 

Duties of Dormitory Council 20-21-22 

Entertainment 19-20 

Fire Drills 15-16 

Guests 24 

House Meetings 20 

lUness 13-14 

Other Special Regulations 11-12 

Quiet Hours 8 

Regulations 8-9 

Signing Out 4 

Smoking 17-18 

Special Permissions 6-7 

Telephones 9 

Warnings 10-11 




Women's Dormitory Judicial Board 

Dean of Women 

Presidents of Women's Dormitories 
3 Representatives - one from each dormi- 







A. Students must sign out for all absences 
which will keep them out after 8:00 
P.M. Exact destination, time of depar- 
ture and return, and full name of com- 
panion must be given. 

B. Students spending weekends at home or 
elsewhere with permission must regis- 
ter in the weekend book just before 
leaving the dormitory and sign in im- 
mediately upon their return. 

C. Girls returning from home on Sunday 
must be in the dormitory by 11:00 P.M. 

D. Girls returning from home on a Monday 
morning must indicate that fact and 
the expected time of return in the 
weekend book. 

E. If, for an unavoidable reason, a student 
is unable to return by the due-in time, 
she must call the sponsor or a member 
of the dormitory council who will in turn 
report to the sponsor. The student must 
appear before the dormitory council 
withinn 24 hrs. after her return. 

F. Students must sign out if they are leav- 
ing Fitchburg for the day, even if they 
plan to return before 8 P.M. This rule is 
applicable on weekends as well as during 
the week. 


A. Monday through Thursday the closing 
hour for upper classmen is 10:30 P.M.; 
for Freshmen, it is 8:00 P.M. until after 
mid semester warnings are issued, and 
then the closing hour will be 10:30 P.M. 

B. The hours for Freshmen are 12:30 A.M. 
on Friday and Saturday nights. 

C. The hours for Sophomores and Juniors 
are 1:30 A.M. on Friday and Saturday 

D. The hours for Seniors are 2:00 A.M. on 
Friday and Saturday nights. 

E. The hour for all dormitory girls is 11:00 
P.M. on Sunday. 

F. When the vacation periods begin at noon, 
the house officially closes at 4:00 P.M. 
When the vacation period begins at any 
other time, the house officially closes at 
7:00 P.M. Students may not remain in 
the dormitory during any vacation. 

G. The closing time for the night of a holi- 
day is the same as Sunday, 11:00 P.M. 

H. The closing time for the night preceeding 
a holiday is 12:30 A.M. for Freshmen, 
1:30 A.M. for Sophomores and Juniors 
and 2:00 A.M. for Seniors. 


A. 11:30 P.M. and 12 midnight permissions 
may be granted by a dormitory council 

1. Seniors: 

4 midnight permissions a month 

2. Juniors: 

3 midnight permissions a month 

3. Sophomores: 

2 midnight permissions a month 

4. Freshmen: 

2 11:30 P.M. permissions a month 

B. Very late permissions, up to 1:30 A.M. 
for Freshmen and 2:00 A.M. for Sopho- 
mores and Juniors, may be granted by 
the Dean of Women, twenty-four hours 
in advance. (Council President will make 
request on proper forms) 

C. All girls must have parents send a 
letter to the Dean of Women for permis- 
sion to spend a week night any place 
other than in the dorm. This letter must 
be received by the Dean one week in 

D. College functions on Campus Monday 
through Thursday nights will not require 

a ''late". A girl may take a "late" with 
the permission of the Dormitory Council. 
Functions not requiring "lates": 

1. Religious Club meetings. 

2. Glee Club functions. 

3. College Band performances. 

4. Dramatic Club productions. 

5. W.A.A. Banquet. 

6. Sadie Hawkins Dance. 

7. Thanksgiving and Christmas Banquets. 

8. S.G.A. cultural programs. 

9. Nurses' Club meetings. 

10. Special Education Club meetings. 

11. S.T.E.A.M. meetings. 

12. French Cub meetings. 

13. Ski Club meetings. 

14. Forum Club meetings. 

15. Home basketball games. 

E. Any girl going to these activities and not 
taking a "late" is required to return to 
the dormitory immediately after the 
meeting is over. 


A. Quiet must prevail on weekdays from 
8:00 P.M. until 7:00 A.M.; on Friday 
nights from 12:00 P.M. to 7:30 A.M.; on 
Saturday nights from 12:00 P.M. to 10:00 
A.M. and on Sunday nights from 11:00 
P.M. to 7:00 A.M. 

B. Typing after 8 P.M. must be done in 
specified places. 


A. Any student maintaining a 3.2 average or 
above (dean's list) may be granted more 
than her allotment of Special Permis- 
sions at the discretion of the Council. 

B. Any student on academic probation for 
the semester shall forfeit her special 


A. A student is not allowed to leave the 
dormitory between her specific closing 
time and 6:00 A.M. without permission. 

B. Permission to work in the evenings must 
be obtained from the Dean of Women. 

C. Male friends may be entertained in the 
dormitory first floor lounges Sunday 

through Thursday until 8:00 P.M. and on 
weekends until 11:30 P.M. 

D. Male friends can be entertained in the 
New Dorm after 10:00 A.M. on weekdays 
and after 12:00 noon on Saturday and 

E. Male friends can be entertained in Miller 
and Palmer Halls after 12:00 noon on 
weekdays and after 12 noon on Saturday 
and Sunday. 

F. Female visitors are allowed above the 
first floor as long as the girl in the 
dormitory whom she is visiting has 
signed a sheet to be found on the main 


A. Students must use the pay stations for 
making and receiving calls. Calls must 
not exceed ten (10) minutes. 

B. Any girl answering the phone assumes 
the responsibility for seeing that the girl 
being called receives the call or receives 
a message about it. 


Any infringement of the rules rates half 
or more warnings to be decided by the Coun- 

cil. Upon receiving an accumulation of three 
warnings, a girl will be called before the 
Council for a hearing. All warnings are 
cumulative for the school year. 

A. If a girl takes more than her allotment 
of special permissions or if she accumu- 
lates more than 15 late minutes, she 
automatically comes before the Council 
for a hearing. 

B. If a girl stays out late without permission 
or changes the time of return granted by 
a Council member or uses a Council 
member's name without permission, she 
will come before the Council. 

C. If a girl is not in the dormitory between 
closing hours and 6 A.M., she will be 
reported to the Dean of Women. 

D. Any offense which endangers life or 
property or the reputation of the College 
will be reported to the Dean of Women. 


An accumulation of 15 late 
minutes per semester Council hearing 


Unnecessary noise 


Calling out window 


Not signing out or in 


Wearing bermudas in 
Administration Building 


Going on porch roof 


Unmade bed after 10:00 A.M. 
on weekdays and 12 noon 
on weekends 

y 2 

Extreme untidiness of room 


More than allotted lates 
(plus forfeit of one late) 


Not complying with fire drill 


A. All shades must be drawn when lights 
are on. 

B. Slacks or shorts are not to be worn to 
classes or in the Administration Build- 

1. Slacks may be worn when required for 
a class or when participating in sports. 


2. They may be worn to the Commuter's 
cafeteria, to Rocky's and to the Spa. 

3. Slacks may be worn in the dining 
room on Friday nights, Saturdays, 
Sunday nights and holidays only (no 
shorts in the dining room). 

4. Slacks may be worn to athletic func- 
tions on campus and to the class 

C. Girls are to be fully clothed on first and 
basement floors of the dormitory. After 
closing time, girls may wear housecoats 
on first floor. 

D. Girls in the New Dorm may not be on 
the first or second floors after mid- 
night, except by special permission of 
the Sponsor. 

E. Girls in the New Dorm must sign in and 
out of the kitchen. 

F. Property of the dormitory, such as re- 
cord players, records, playing cards, 
and magazines, must not be taken above 
first floor without special permission 
from the Dormitory Council or the 

G. All girls are required to pay a House 
Fund within the first week of each sem- 


H. The appearance of public rooms is the 
responsibility of all students living in 
the dormitories. Freshmen may be ap- 
pointed in rotation to help with this 



A. All cases of illness are to be reported 
promptly to the Resident Nurse. Students 
are at liberty to consult a physician of 
their own choice at any time, but the 
Nurse must be notified. 

B. Students must obtain permission from 
the Resident Nurse or the Dormitory 
Sponsor for trays to be delivered to 
rooms. Trays must be requested at least 
one hour before the meal. This does not 
apply to breakfast. Trays are not to be 
requested unless the girl is unable to go 
to the dining room. 

C. Students who are ill enough to be in the 
infirmary may select one freind to run 
errands, otherwise, she may have no 
visitors. She herself may not leave the 
infirmary until she is discharged by the 

D. After two day's illness in the college 
infirmary, parents of the patient will 
be notified and recommendation made 


that convalescence be continued at 
home. When a student goes home follow- 
ing illness, she must be cleared through 
the Nurse and the Sponsor who will 
notify the Dean of Women. 

E. At the end of a vacation at home, if the 
student is in doubt as to her good health, 
she should telephone the Nurse or the 
Sponsor and delay her return until she 
is fit for college classes. 

F. When the student's illness at home has 
delayed her return to college, a Doctor's 
certificate (or in light cases a parent's 
note) as to the student's fitness must be 
presented to the Nurse for admission to 
the dormitory (before attending classes). 

G. When a girl, for reasons of ill health 
misses a class, the Nurse must be 
notified at the time of the indisposition; 
otherwise, the Nurse will not write an 
excuse for the absence. 

H. Any girl too ill to attend classes will be 
confined to the dormitory both day and 
evening except for meals. 


A. The siren is the fire signal. Fire drills 


will be held in the dormitory at least 
once a month. 

B. The dormitory President and the Sponsor 
shall have charge of all fire drills. 

C. The dormitory Council shall act as fire 
drill officers. 

1. The President shall ring the siren 
and prevent confusion on the first 

2. Fire Marshalls shall check the rooms. 

a. Shall make sure all occupants have 

b. Shall report any room which is left 
contrary to rules. 

c. Shall report any girl who is clothed 
contrary to rules. 

D. Fire drill regulations: 

1. Upon the sound of the siren, each 
dorm resident shall rise immediately, 
put on her coat and shoes, close the 
windows, turn the lights on, raise the 
shades and, leaving her doors open 
shall pass quickly and quietly from 
her suite to her assigned stairs and 
first floor exit. Before leaving the 
suite she must check her suite mates. 

2. Absolute silence must prevail through- 
out the entire drill. 


3. In case of fire, all residents must 
proceed immediately out of doors and 
group in front of the dorm for the roll 


A. All decorations must be suspended from 
the picture molding. Pins, tacks, nails 
are not to be used on the molding or on 
the walls. 

B. Students are held responsible for any 
damage done to property belonging to 
the State. 

C. Cooking in the rooms or the use of elec- 
trical appliances that will add to the 
electrical load of the house or constitute 
a fire hazard will not be allowed. 

D. No electrical wiring by students is per- 
mitted. No extension wires may lie on 
the floor across doorways or where they 
may be short circuited. 

E. Cleaning fluids and other combustible 
liquids are not to be kept anywhere in 
the dormitory. 

F. No food is to be stored on the window 
sills or fire escapes. 


G. Students are expected to put out their 
lights, turn off radios and record players 
before leaving their rooms. 

H. No student is to go into attics or store- 
rooms without permission of the Sponsor 
or resident Nurse. 

I. Radiators must be kept open all the way 
or closed all the way. 

J. Furniture is to be left as found in the 
dormitory. If it is unsatisfactory, report 
the fact to the Sponsor. 

K. All rooms and bathrooms are to be kept 
clean and neat at all times. This includes 
cleaning, picking up private belongings, 
emptying waste baskets, closing win- 
dows, shutting off faucets and putting 
out lights. 

L. All fire doors are to be kept clear, never 
blocked by furniture or personal posses- 

M. Beds must be made by 10:00 A.M. dur- 
ing the week and by noon on Saturday, 
Sunday, and Holidays. 


A. Smoking is allowed in the basements and 


on the first floor. It is prohibited on all 
other floors and in all student's suites 
except in the New Dorm where girls may 
smoke in the lounges on each floor. 


A. The laundry must be kept neat at all 

1. If water or soap is spilled, clean it up. 

2. Cigarette butts must not be thrown on 
the floor. 

3. If newspapers are placed on the floor. 
they must be cleared up w T hen the girl 
has finished ironing. 

4. Irons must never be left turned on 
when the girl leaves the room. 

5. An iron, when heating or temporarily 
laid down must be placed either on a 
stand or on its end, never on its side 
or flat. 

6. Girls must not bring personal irons 
back to their rooms until they are 

7. Girls may not leave clothing in 


8. Lint bags must be emptied after each 
use of the dryer. 


A. Co-chairmen of the Social Committee 
will be elected by the Dormitory Coun- 
cils in joint session at the first fall 
meeting. One will be elected from each 


B. Each class elects two girls to serve on 
the Social Committee, one from each 


C. The Social Committee plans and runs the 
various partes for the year. 


The Board of Directors composed of: 

7 Directors 

Each Dormitory Council is composed of: 

President. Vice-President. Secretary, and 

Other members of the Council include 
class representatives, one from each dorm. 


All candidates are subject to the approval 
of the Dean of Women. The officers are 
nominated and elected by the Council before 
the second week of April each year. The 
class representatives are nominated by the 
Council and elected by the respective class 
one month after college opens. 


House meetings are compulsory for every- 
one. They may be called at any time by the 
dormitory President, Sponsor, or Dean of 
Women. A twenty-four hour notice will be 
given for a house meeting except in emer- 


A. Dormitory President: 

1. Shall attend Board of Directors meet- 

2. Shall call and conduct all Council 

3. Shall act as Dormitory Representative 
on any necessary occasion. 

4. Shall conduct the house meetings. 

5. Shall bring all dormitory problems be- 
fore the Council for discussion. 


6. Shall check on the Treasurer's report 
to see that it is complete at all times. 

7. Shall inform the secretary in advance 
of all Council meetings in order that 
she may inform other members of 
said meeting. 

8. Shall hold and conduct a house meet- 
ing at the beginning of each year and 
go over all rules and regulations of 
the dormitories. 

9. Shall conduct the spring election of 
the dormitory council. 

10. Shall conduct the fall election for 
Freshmen Council members. 

11. Shall call a fire drill once a month and 
notify the boiler room and sponsor of 
the particular dormitory. 

12. Shall act as advisor to the other of- 

13. Shall arrange with the Dean of Women 
for permissions (proms, dances, 
scheduled affairs) all special lates, 
and post the time. 

K. Vice-President: 

Shall assume all duties of the President 
in the absence of the President. 

C. Treasurer: 

1. Shall pay all dormitory bills. 


2. Shall keep accurate record of income 
and expenses. 

3. Shall make a report at each house 
meeting, if called upon to do so. 

4. Shall collect House Fund monthly. 

5. Shall balance books and give them to 
the Dean of Women in May. 


1. Shall take attendance and keep the 
minutes of all meetings. 

2. Shall keep an accurate record of all 
misdemeanors and punishments and 
shall in writing notify the Sponsor or 
the Dean of Women of all punish- 

3. Shall post all notices and lists on the 
bulletin board. 

4. Shall post a list of the girls who will 
be in charge of cleaning the public 

5. Shall make out duplicate warning 
slips, one to be given to the girl re- 
ceiving the warning and one to be 
kept on file. 

6. Shall read the minutes of the preced- 
ing meeting at each meeting of the 

7. Shall set the rotation of duty for the 
Council officers and post the list. 


8. Shall turn Secretarial books to Dean 
of Women in May. 

E. General Duties of Council Members: 

1. Shall enforce rules and take care of 
rule infringements that are within 
the jurisdiction of the Council. 

2. Shall take one week of duty in rotation 

3. Shall ring the warning and last bells 
each night. 

4. Shall lock the front door at closing 
time, check sign-out sheet and over- 
night book. 

5. Shall record in the file all special 
permissions and all tardiness and 
notify the sponsor if any girl is more 
than 15 minutes late. 

6. Shall inspect the laundry and smoking 
rooms at closing time. 

7. Shall revise the handbook whenever 

8. Shall plan and carry out a consistent 
room inspection. 



Guests of dormitory students may be 
allowed overnight in the dormitory by mak- 
ing arrangements 48 hours in advance with 
the Dean of Women's Office so that the 
housekeeping staff may be notified to have 
bedding ready. The student must obtain 
written permission from a girl going home 
that her bed may be used. There will be a 
charge of $1.00 per night per person with 
linen furnished. This fee will be paid to the 
Business Office. 

At no time shall the number of dormitory 
students plus the number of guests, exceed 
the figure set by the fire marshall for 
capacity of a specific dormitory. 

Upon purchase of luncheon tickets at 75< 
and tickets for the evening meal at 90£, 
guests may eat in the college dining hall. 


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